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Criminal Code Offences

The lawyers at Myers and Company are prepared to represent you regardless of the offense with which you are charged. We cover all  sexual offenses, property offences, and violent offenses enshrined in the Criminal Code.

Our team will vigorously defend you at every stage of your case, beginning with your bail hearing and continuing to your trial. If you are convicted we will continue to give you the same zealous advocacy at the sentencing and appeal stages of your case.

Regulatory Offences

The lawyers at Myers and Company are not limited to the Criminal Code. We also cover all regulatory offenses including but not limited to:


Offences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

Offences under the Fisheries Act

Offences under the Federal Income Tax Act

Offences under the Securities Act

Offences under the Immigration Act

Offences under the Corrections and Conditional Release Act.

If you are charged with an offence, we can help.

Civil Forfeiture

The lawyers at Myers and Company can continue to assist you even when you are found not guilty. Often the police will maintain control of your property even after you have cleared your name. At Myers and Company our team is prepared to fight to help you reclaim property seized during your arrest. This can include but is not limited to cash seized, electronics like cell phones and laptops, jewelry and even your vehicle.

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